Van Damme Ambicore Power & Signal Tour Grade multicore 5A 3 x 0.75mm

The Van Damme Ambicore range is a hybrid multicore with an AES/EBU screened & jacketed pair combined with 0.75mm, 1mm, 1.5mm or 2.5mm jacketed power cables. Very flexible and specified for dynamic use this cable range provides an elegant solution to the problem of integrated signal and power distribution.

The 0.75mm Ambicore, 268-775-000, is a new product and an updated specification will be added soon. This cable has a 26AWG AES/Analogue audio pair, a 3 x 0.75mm mains cable and has an overall diameter of 11.50mm

If ordering 10 metres, please add “QTY: 10” You will then receive 1 x 10 Metre Length of cut cable etc.

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