Custom Lynx Tourgrade Circular Multipin Connectors

Proud to announce we now have our tourgrade range of circular audio multipins (VEAM) in stock. Setup and breakdown time are dramatically reduced using these professional locking connectors – ideal for tour/live use.

The range is from 25 pin up to 150 pin (4 to 48 channel). All have gold plated pins and are crimp termination. We chose crimp type for speed and reliability. The connectors are precision manufactured using a special aluminium alloy material with high-resistance black finish. Cable female connectors have a green rubber locking ring, these ensure faultless signal transfer once mated.

To suit these connectors all our stage boxes have now been re-designed to house a multipin in the side:

We offer the full range of cabling solutions – multipin to multipin and multipin to breakouts. Made to any length with custom breakouts available. Clearly labelled on both box and breakouts. All hand assembled and tested here in Leicestershire.

The XLR/Jack connectors are the industry standard, genuine Neutrik. The cable is our professional black multicore, flexible, yet tough – it falls perfectly straight and wraps/coils very easily. All multipin connectors come with protective covers.

To see the full range of cable and box assemblies please click here:

We also offer the multipin connectors un-terminated, for anybody that wants to build or repair a system themselves – please click here to see the range:

For any custom projects with bespoke items not shown, please get in touch for a quote – we have a full manufacturing team who like to be tested!

SONIQ Instrument Cable

After the positive feedback received about our new microphone cable (Testudo) and unbalanced patch cable, the next in line for a major overhaul was our instrument/guitar cable – “SONIQ” is the new name for this cable.

We knew we wanted to keep the distinctive colour range running through all our cables going forward (luminous orange proving particularly popular). The outer jacket material is also something we wanted to duplicate, it feels and wraps beautifully and falls without kinks.

The inside of the cable is where we could make massive improvements from our old instrument cable. Using pure oxygen free copper for both the conductor and shielding. Increasing the amount and quality of copper used dramatically, creating a cable that offers the highest signal consistency and superb un-wanted noise rejection.

We believe like the microphone cable, that SONIQ can become an industry standard cable – comparing other competitors professional instrument cable, it is a BIG improvement.

All of instrument/guitar/HIFI cables on the site use the new cable. We also offer the cable bulk “by the metre” or on 100 metre drums.

Power Cables

We now offer a range of power cables. Using only the best brands, Neutrik, Titanex, Mennekes, PCE, Masterplug and Kaiser. These are all built to order, so can be made in any length to suit your requirements. We do keep very good stocks of all the components, and turn around time is usually quick with our manufacturing team.

The Titanex H07RN-F is robust yet flexible, it withstands the toughest of conditions, such as hard wearing situations, extreme temperatures and most chemicals. Fitted with IP65 rated connectors, the cables are then ideal for outdoor use.

We can custom label the cables, under clear heat shrink. Or we can offer clear heat shrink (un shrunk) put on the cables – please leave a NOTE at the checkout for this option (no extra charge).

We are also offering a PowerCON overmoulded range (please see some pictures below)

For 16a cables please click here:

For 32a cables please click here:

For 63a cables please click here:

For SOCAPEX cables please click here:

For IEC cables please click here:

For PowerCON cables please click here:

For Trailing Socket/Extension cables please click here:

TESTUDO – what!?

Im very excited as i type this blog post – and as usual its a new cable that’s done it, how very, very sad i am!! In the hope im not the only one who enjoys professional quality cable i introduce…..TESTUDO.

TESTUDO is the new name for our professional quality microphone cable.

The word “TESTUDO” is from ancient Roman warfare, it was a type of shield wall formation commonly used during battles, particularly sieges. In the TESTUDO formation, the men would align their shields at the front with another shield on top slightly overlapping – a double shield if you will.

As our microphone cable has a double shield, this felt like a fitting name. The double shield in our cable is provided by a lapped oxygen free pure copper screen and then under that a black CPE layer. The double shield offers superb rejection of un-wanted noise – Radio Frequencies and Electromagnetic Interference etc.

So, whats changed?

  1. The outer jacket has a completely new Anti Kink blend. It is completely smooth, wraps and falls perfectly and doesn’t retain its shape when wrapped / un wrapped. The cable lies completely flat on the floor, without retaining any loops. The new outer jacket material means these cable can be used outdoors (obviously any connectors used outdoors must be IP65 rated)
  2. The conductors and screen have had more oxygen free pure copper strands put in them, ensuring faultless signal transfer and shielding
  3. The color range has been updated, listening to our customers calls for some “neon” colours – the orange, green and yellow have been hit with the glow sticks! The grey and brown have had colour changes also, to be more of a gun metal grey and copper.

The full specification sheet can be found here:

TESTUDO is ideal for recording studios, bands, live tours, events, hire companies, film and TV, the education sector and more.

I am constantly looking to improve the cable we supply, this feels like a big step in the right direction. I would happily put this up against any other microphone cable in the industry, and i am confident it would perform extremely well.

COVID-19 Update – We are open as usual

Hi All, due to the current COVID-19 virus situation, we would like to reassure all customers that we are closely following government guidelines and Custom Lynx Cabling will remain open.

We are taking orders as usual and still have daily collections from Royal Mail and DPD. However we are a few members of staff down – so orders are taking a day or two longer than usual. Please also note that Royal Mail are experiencing BIG delays – it was described to us like “Christmas mail without the extra staff“. We have seen delays of 7-10 days with Royal Mail. Please be patient during this testing time. If orders are urgent please choose the DPD option at the checkout.

Our team are prioritising health and safety for ourselves and others. We currently have a couple of our staff isolating, so custom items are taking slightly longer – please bare with us, your patience is appreciated. We have also noticed Royal Mail deliveries taking longer than usual. Stay safe everyone….and wash your hands!

New Professional Cables

Firstly – Merry Christmas to all of our customers! Thank you for your continued support, we really do appreciate it.

In 2019 I wanted to start making changes to the bulk cables we manufacture. I wanted them to be truly “professional”. I wanted them to stand up against the market leaders and for people to be confident in using them again and again. This started with changing over our 4 way multicore cable: Our 8 way multicore cable: and our 12 way multicore cable:

I then moved on to changing over our balanced patch cable: Next was our DMX cable:

Next on my “hit list” was 2 core speaker cable – we changed from 1.25mm to 1.5mm:²/ and the 2.5mm cable:²/. I made these cables very low in Resistance – just 12 Ohm/KM for the 1.5mm and 7 Ohm/KM for the 2.5mm. The jacket on both is perfectly smooth and wraps great.

Other exciting cable news (if thats your thing) – we have Custom Lynx CAT6A S/FTP in stock – again professional quality. New listings will be coming very shortly using this cable

I know a lot of people call cables “professional” and this is sometimes very questionable. Our new cables truly are professional – we have put full spec sheets on our new cables, so you can see all the finer details. And if you would like to see the cables for yourself – please get in touch for a sample pack.

All the best for 2020!!

Custom Lynx Professional Silver Plated Balanced Patch Cable – PTMC/NEW

A lot going on here at Custom Lynx, loads of cabling improvements in the pipeline. We have already had our new DMX cable come in:

Our second BIG improver is our Balanced Patch Cable. This has had a complete redesign. Both conductors are now fully Silver Plated, the screen is now braided and the jacket is made from a new material – which doesn’t kink and wraps brilliantly. This comes in 4 colours and black:

Available by the metre, or for a discount on 100m drums.

With an O.D of 4.5mm the cable is the perfect fit for right angled Neutrik 3.5mm stereo jacks (NTP3RC/-B) and also the Neutrik TT Bantam Plugs. Would also be great for Headphone Extension/Adaptor and Patch Cables.

Im sure you will be as impressed and we are with the new cable – it can be purchased here: or by the 100m drum:

PAT Testing

Custom Lynx are pleased to announce that we are now offering a drop-off only PAT-Testing service for a large array of electrical equipment at our business located in Coalville, Leicestershire.

Our in-house qualified PAT technicians can test a large array of appliances ensuring your appliances are safe for your working environment.

Portable appliance testing is a necessity for a company’s health & safety policy to ensure that employees and visitors aren’t harmed by any electrical equipment within a business premises.

After testing we will record the results and label each appliance with a uniquely numbered NICEIC approved label. On completion you will receive a fully broken-down report and certificate for your records.

We provide a detailed report and certified label on each item successfully tested.

Our drop-off service is priced at a highly competitive £10 for the first item and only £2 per additional item.

To book a drop-off please contact us on 01530 838879, we can discuss the items you have to be tested and arrange a later collection time.