Custom Lynx Hook and Loop Cable Wraps

Custom Lynx “Hook and Loop” Velcro Cable Ties/Wraps

Perfect solution for keeping cables tidy after every use. Cable Tie/Wraps stays on the cable, so never gets lost!

Applied to the cable before manufacture, or after over the body of the connector.

Available in the following sizes (L x W)

Extra Small : 90mm x 10mm

Small : 120mm x 16mm

Medium : 180mm x 20mm

Large : 245mm x 25mm

Extra Large : 450mm x 50mm

All Ties/Wraps come with an aperture (opening) in the centre to allow them to be slid on the cable or over a connector. Except Extra Large – which is a wrap around velcro tie

£3.78£15.00 (inc. VAT) Select options