BOSS Katana Footswitch. Channel Changer, Reverb. Dual Command Heavy Duty Steel

Heavy Duty Double On/Off Command Footswitch

Professional quality, robust foot switch with straight forward Double On/Off.

Suitable for use with Boss Katana. This will change the channel and reverb.

This foot switch is constructed with steel which is built to withstand heavy use. This product is hard wired at the side with Custom Lynx audio cable which is 6 Foot  (1.82 Metres) in length. This terminates in a Stereo 6.35mm (1/4″) jack plug.

Dimensions: 4.5″ Inches in width, 2.5″ in height and 7.6″ in Length.

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Custom Lynx Momentary Foot Switch

High quality momentary foot switch – 2 replaceable foot pads

Polarity switch allows the sustain to be adjusted to the specific keyboard

The cable is 2mts long (6 foot) and terminates in a 6.3mm mono jack plug

Non skid feet

ROHS compliant

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