Guitar Effects Pedal PSU

9V Guitar Pedal Power Supply Adaptor – Multi Style PSU – 2000mA


UK Plug ~ 2,000 mA 9v –ve Polarity FX Pedal Power Supply Unit

This unit is one of the most powerful Power Supply Units available today, at 2,000 mA it can easily power 10 or more FX pedals. It is volt, negative polarity, using 2.1mm plugs, which is the same format as Roland Boss, Digitech and Marshall FX pedals.

The POWER4FX is designed to run either one FX pedal or four FX pedals simultaneously using the four low voltage leads which come with the unit. This power supply could theoretically be used to power up to 16 FX pedals (Not exceeding 2 amps total current) when used in conjunction with up to four D.C splitter cables

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Custom Lynx APS9V Power Supply for Guitar Effects Pedals (Boss, Marshall, Digitech, Zoom)

Suitable for most guitar effects pedals and digital effects
Input: 230V~50Hz 3.5W
Output: 9V D.C 200mA 1.8VA
Negative pole polarity
Boss, Marshall, Zoom, Digitech, Behringer etc

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