100w soldering iron

Antex SR8W270 HP100 100W Mains Soldering Iron

The Antex LITE range of irons are general purpose soldering irons which come with fewer features than the Antex PRECISION range. They are particularly useful when working with electrical wires and general repairs, rather than precision pcb work. The irons are built and tested to meet very high standards and are fitted with a nickel plated soldering tip.

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KMMK SquarePlug SP400 – 1/4”/ 6.35mm Mono Pancake Jack – Silver Shell

  • KMMK Squareplug SP400 – Silver Shell
  • Right Angled – 6.35mm (1/4″) Jack
  • The Smallest Solder Type 1/4” Right Angle Connector Created To Date
  • Square Design Means You Can Fit Them Close Together
  • 28mm long | 17mm wide | 8.3mm thick
  • Fits cables up to 4.6mm OD
  • Perfect for Pedal Boards or Rack Based Switching Systems
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