Sommer SC-Mistral Multicore Cable – 2 Channel/Way

Sommer have been making it for almost 10 years using the same proven technology. The SC-Mistral MCF features the pairwise PVC insulation, as it is usual for studio cores. It has a hard wearing number overprint plus an extra colour-coding in steps of 8.

The wire pairs of the SC-Mistral MCF have a pre twisted drain wire and another shielding made of AL/PT compound foil. For added protection against corrosion and oxidation both the conductors and the drain wire have been tinned. The cable is particularly easy to handle because the AL/PT foil will stick to the outer jacket when stripping. The SC-Mistral MCF is very easy to lay and reel. We also recommend it for the assembly of multicore adapters. Here the XLR and jack connectors can be mounted directly on the PVC jacket.

Cable O.D:

2 way: 9mm