Custom Lynx 4.4mm (TT) Bantam Stereo Jack Cable

  • Custom Lynx Professional Balanced Patch Cable – Silver Plated Conductors
  • Genuine Neutrik Connectors – Gold Contacts
  • 4.4mm TT Bantam TRS Jack Plugs
  • 10 Colours + All Lengths Available


Custom Lynx 4.4mm Bantam Patchbay

  • 1U 96 way Bantam Patch Panel, Black Front Panel, Grouped 12 x 8
  • Neutrik Bantam Jacks Are Set at ‘Stereo-Pitch’ (Paired)
  • Jacks Are 5-point, Palladium-Contact Type With a Heavy Duty Nickel-Plated Frame
  • Cranked Earth-Tags On Jacks Allow Bus Earthing
  • Supplied Complete With a Single, Central Lacing-Bar and a Snap-on Cover Designation Strip For Each Row of Jacks
  • 5mm of Printable Height is Available on Each Designation Strip
  • Overall depth 115mm
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Custom Lynx TESTUDO 1/4″ B-Gauge Stereo Jack Cable

  • Custom Lynx TESTUDO Double Shielded Balanced Microphone Cable – Redesigned and Improved
  • Genuine Neutrik B-Gauge Connectors
  • Please Note: 1/4″ B-Gauge Jack Plugs Are Not Compatible With Standard 1/4″ Jacks And Patch Panels
  • All Colours + Lengths Available
  • Free Hook + Loop Wrap With Each Cable Ordered Over 2m
  • Lifetime Guarantee Against Manufacturing Defects

Custom Lynx Twin 4.4mm (TT) Bantam Stereo Jack Cable

  • Twin 4.4mm Bantam Jack Cables
  • Van Damme Balanced Shotgun Cable
  • Genuine Neutrik NP3TT-P-AU-B – Gold Contacts
  • Any Length

Neutrik 4.4mm Bantam Patchbay – NPPA-TT-SD25

2 x 48 TT (Bantam) jacks, half normalled bottom row, 12 x 25 pole female D-Sub, grounding: groups of 12 channels

All NPPA patch panels are fitted with high quality, long life NJ3TTA gold plated double contact jacks (2×48), featuring best contact integrity. The unit, robustly housed in a black coated steel shell, is finished off with a built in cable bar and two large channel identification strips for perfect management of the system. The NPPA patch panels are an innovative and compact patching system (just 1U high) for 19″ rack mounting.

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NYS-SPP-L1 – 1/4” Jack Patch Panel

The NYS-SPP-L1 is a economical and remarkable sleek designed 1/4“ modular Patch Panel for 19“ rack mount (19“ x 1U) with a reinforced metal housing. Each of it‘s 48 PCB wired balanced channels (24 front pairs and corresponding 24 rear pairs) can either be grounded separately or in groups of individually chooseable channel numbers.
The PCBs are held securely in place by being clamped between the front and the rear panel, this grants an easy reconfiguration of the Patch Panel without the danger of loosing any small parts (e.g. nuts). The grey jack serves as an easy and distinguishable normalling identification.

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Rean/Neutrik 4.4mm (TT) Bantam Stereo Jack Cable – 1.5ft/46cm

  • Rean Neutrik Cable
  • 1.5ft/46cm
  • Moulded Connectors
  • 4.4mm TT Bantam TRS Jacks
  • Set Colours Available
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