Custom Lynx Heatshrink Sleeve 6mm – 3:1 Ratio – Clear

  • Perfect For Covering Labels On The Inner Cores Of Multicore Cable
  • 6mm Wide
  • 5m Long
  • Outstanding All Round Performance
  • Flexible
  • Good Chemical And Solvent Resistance
  • Excellent Physical And Electrical Performance
  • Operating Temperature Range -55’C to +135’C
  • Flame Retardant
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Custom Lynx Professional STARQUAD Microphone Cable – Per Metre

  • Custom Lynx Professional Starquad Microphone Cable
  • Starquad Cable Offers Superb Unwanted Noise Rejection – RFI, EMI etc
  • Ideal For Recording Studios, Bands, Live Tours, Events, Hire Companies, Film & TV, OB and More
  • Sold “By The Metre” – Cable Ordered Will Be One Continuous Length
  • Available in 10 Colours
  • O.D: 6.5mm
  • Full Spec Sheet Below

Rack Panel With Lacing Bar, Punched for Neutrik D-Series Chassis Connectors – 2U – 32 Cutouts

  • 2U Rack Panels Punched For 32 x Neutrik D-Series Connectors (XLR, Speakon, RJ45, etc)
  • D-Series Connectors With Locking Release Tab Can Only Be Front Mounted
  • Panels Are Designed For Neutrik “MDLX” Chassis Mount Connectors. Not Designed To Fit Old Style “MDL1” Connectors
  • Will suit NL2MP Or NL4MP Speakon Connectors, But Only When Front Mounted
  • Lacing Bar For Cable Support And Cable Management
  • ID Strip For Easy Connector Identification
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Rack Panels Punched for Neutrik D-Series – 1U – 6 Cutouts

  • 1U Rack Panel Punched For 6 x Neutrik D-Series Connectors (XLR, Speakon, RJ45, etc)
  • Black Powder Coated
  • Material: 1.2mm / 18 Gauge Steel
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TITANEX H07RN-F – 5 x 4.0mm – Tough Rubber Cable – 5 core (5G4)

  • Titanex HO7RN-F – 5 x 4.0mm (5G4)
  • Suitable For Three-Phase
  • Flexible And Robust, Can Be Used Outdoors
  • Tough Hard Wearing Rubber
  • Can be Used Outdoors
  • Sold And Priced By The Metre – One Continuous Length

Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade 4 x 4.00mm² Multicore – 268-544-000

Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade Speaker Cable offers a comprehensive conductor size and core count to accommodate almost all potential speaker signals.

4 x 4.00mm with ultra pure copper conductors, cutting edge PVC compounds and dynamic use focused construction provide accurate signal transmission, toughness and flexibility.


Cable Overall Diameter:

4 x 4.00mm² – 12.20mm OD

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