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Van Damme Digi-Tour Grade AES/EBU and DMX Cable – 1 Pair

  • Ultra-Pure Oxygen Free Copper For Outstanding Sonic Integrity
  • DMX Transmission For Lighting Fixtures And Devices
  • Any 100 to 110 Ohm Balanced Data Application Such As RS422, RS485 And Timecode
  • Digital Audio Signal Transmission For Installations, Equipment Racks And Devices
  • 6.2mm O.D
  • Cable Will Come In One Continuous Length
  • Full Specification Below

Van Damme Green Series Digi Grade AES/EBU – 1 Pair

Van Damme Green Series Digi Grade cables have been specifically designed for the accurate transmission of AES/EBU digital audio signals. Low capacitance and stable characteristic impedance ensure that signals remain error and jitter free over long distances. This also makes this cable range suitable for other critical data transfer applications such as RS422, midi and timecode. Also suitable for balanced analogue audio use. 110 ohm

Van Damme Neutrik 110 Ohm Digi-Tour Grade AES/EBU Cable. 3 PIN Male XLR to 3 PIN Female XLR

  • Van Damme Black Digi-Tour Grade AESĀ CableĀ 268-482-000
  • Genuine Neutrik Connectors – Gold Contacts
  • All Lengths Available
  • 6.2mm O.D
  • Free Hook + Loop Wrap With Each Cable Ordered Over 2m
  • Lifetime Guarantee Against Manufacturing Defects

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