neutrik npp-tb-hn

Neutrik 48 Way Longframe B-Gauge Patch Panel – LF48-10

48 way longframe B-Gauge patch panel, black front panel, extra rugged jack sockets which allow customized normalling.

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2 x 24 TB (BP0316/MIL-P-642/2) jacks, half normalled bottom row (not programmable), solder terminals

The NPP-TB patch panels are equipped with gold plated, high quality long life NJ6TB-V Jacks for BPO/MIL style plugs. The panels are easily programmable for six switching configurations and offer a flexible grounding system. The NPP-TB patch panels are very robust and compactly designed for 19″ rack mount (19″ x 1U) with galvanized metal housing and a built-in cable bar on the rear for securing wires. There is a rear extension bar (NPP-S) available as an option. On the front side there is an attractive additional lettering area for each channel pair with a marking strip and individual snap-on colour coding plates.

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