Techlink WiresCR 2 RCA Phono to 2 X (Twin) RCA Phono Cable – 3m

Techlink WiresCR 2 RCA Phono to 2 RCA Phono Cable constructed using high quality 24k Gold Plated RCA Phono connectors and double shielded 99% OFC audio cable.

This premium quality, award winning cable is designed to be used to join the stereo RCA/Phono input/output of audio sources together, for example for joining a CD player to an amplifier or the stereo audio output of a video camera to an amplifier.


Strain relief design adds durability when cable is put under extreme conditions and also prevents oxidation
High quality audiophile reproduction
Aluminium-mylar foil wrap provides enhanced noise rejection
Machined, gold plated RCAs for optimised connectivity and signal transfer
Advanced multiple screening against radio frequency interference (RF)
Spring grip outer connectors and split pin centres on each plug ensure a tight, positive contact with both source and display equipment

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