Custom Lynx 2 Way CAT5E EtherCON Cable Drum. Dual/Twin EtherCON Reel

  • NEW Custom Lynx Flexible Tourgrade CAT5E Cable (F/UTP – Foil Shielded) – Full Spec Below
  • 2 Way CAT5E Drum System – 2pcs Of The Above Cable Heat-Shrunk Together Every 50cm
  • Schill GT310 Professional Drum With Brake
  • Genuine Neutrik NE8MX-1 and NE8FDV-YK Connectors
  • Shielded RJ45 Plugs Grounded To The Shell Of The NE8MX-1
  • Red & Blue Coloured Boots For Easy Identification


Custom Lynx 2 way Cat5E FLEXIBLE EtherCON Drum System constructed using a Pro Quality Schill GT310 cable drum, 2 pieces of Custom Lynx Tourgrade CAT5E F/UTP Foil Screened Tourgrade cable, Neutrik NE8FDV-YK Chassis connectors (Grounded) and Neutrik NE8MX-1 RJ45 Shell connectors (Grounded).

2 pieces of cable are heat-shrunk together every 50cm down the entire length. Red and blue make for easy identification on both ends.

This drum system is suitable for use in tour/stage environments where quick and flexible deployment is needed or linking two remote items of equipment is a requirement.

The drum used is the Schill GT310 and is made from hard plastic, the cable is jet black in colour, with nickel silver coloured chassis and shell connectors. This is available in a range of different lengths, boot colours and labelling to suit your individual requirements.

Please Note:

This cable drum is terminated “Straight Through” meaning mapping of connections pin to pin from 1 to 8 (1 to 1, 2 to 2 etc.)

Cable Specification:

C5E/FUTP Spec Sheet

Connector Specification:

Neutrik NE8MX-1 EtherCON Connector (Screened)

Neutrik NE8FDV-YK EtherCON Chassis Connector (Grounded)

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