Custom Lynx 4K UHD-SDI Drum Mounted Neutrik BNC Cable – Flexible HD RG59/U Cable on Schill Drum

  • NEW!! Custom Lynx Professional HD Video Cable – Stranded Core – Flexible
  • 4K UHD-SDI Cables, Drum Mounted
  • Also 720p, 1080i and 1080p Compatible
  • Maximum Transmission Lengths UHD-SDI 4K = 40 metres
  • Mounted On A Schill DrumTour Grade Drum – Frame Made of Break-Proof PVC Profile
  • Compact PVC Winding Reel With Unbreakable Synthetic Rubber Side Flanges
  • Genuine Neutrik NBNC75BJP9X Connectors (With Rubber Covers Included)
  • Choice Of Coloured Boot + Label Options



Custom Lynx 4K UHD-SDI cables.

Constructed using our NEW HD digital video cable. Made using only the best raw materials, the cable is very flexible – this is due to a pure copper stranded core (rather than solid core). Offering excellent coverage, the cable has a twin braided screen. The outer jacket is black with an O.D just over 6mm. The full specification sheet can be found below. Maximum transmission length UHD-SDI 4K is 40 metres and that includes a 10% safety margin.

The BNC connectors are the industry standard, Neutrik – rearTWIST. Precision made and designed for UHD-data transmissions. They come with swiss antraloy plating. We professionally crimp all connectors and test each unit before dispatch. Rubber caps cover the connectors when not in use – they protect and keep out any dirt.

Mounted on a Schill Drum – these drums are tourgrade quality, the frame is made of a break-proof PVC profile with integrated handle and locking brake.

For easy identification you can add custom labels (up to 12 characters) or choose different coloured boots options on the Neutrik connectors.

Cable Specification:
COAX-HD-RG59U-FLEX Spec Sheet – Custom Lynx 4K UHD-SDI video cable

Connector Specification:
NBNC75BJP9X – Neutrik UHD BNC plug

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