Custom Lynx CAT5E Tactical etherCON Cable – Line 6 Variax Digital Interface

  • NEW Custom Lynx Tactical Tourgrade CAT5E Cable (F/UTP) – Galvanised Steel Wire Braid – Full Spec Below
  • Genuine Neutrik NE8MX-B-1 RJ45 Carrier Connectors
  • Cable Has A PUR Jacket – Extremely Hard Wearing, Ideal For Tour / Live / Hire Use
  • Shielded RJ45 Plugs Grounded To The Shell Of The NE8MX-B-1
  • Choice Of Coloured Boot + Label Options
  • Optional Neutrik Protective Covers
  • Free Velcro Strap With Every Cable Ordered Over 2m



Tourgrade Shielded and Screened CAT5E EtherCON cables.

Constructed using our NEW Custom Lynx Tactical Tourgrade CAT5E cable. The cable has been designed for the harshest of environments – live/tour/hire use. The cable itself, has the inner cores surrounded by a galvanised steel wire braid, then jacketed with PUR material. Both those elements make for an extremely hard wearing and rugged cable.

Neutrik NE8MX-B-1 connectors and shielded and grounded RJ45 Plugs (RJ45 plugs grounded to the ethercon shells on both ends).

This cable is jet black in colour, with black coloured shell connectors, and is available in any length to suit. This cable is terminated “Straight Through” meaning mapping of connections pin to pin from 1 to 8 (1 to 1, 2 to 2 etc.).

Coloured boots on the actual connectors and custom labelling are available as an extra.

Connector Specification:
NE8MX-B-1 – Neutrik EtherCON IP65 for non pre-assembled RJ45 plugs

Cable Specification:
C5E/FUTP/TCT – Custom Lynx Tactical Tourgrade CAT5E cable

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