Custom Lynx High Quality Female XLR to 6.35mm Stereo Jack – TRS Balanced

  • Custom Lynx High Quality Cable
  • All Metal Quality Connectors
  • Set Lengths Available
  • Lifetime Guarantee Against Manufacturing Defects

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Custom Lynx High Quality Powered/Active Speaker Cable, as well as other audio uses

3 Pin Female XLR to 6.35mm (1/4″) TRS Jack

Ranging from 1m to 10m, this cable is balanced/stereo

The casing’s on both the XLR and Jack are all metal so they wont break on you. We’re so confident in these cables that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee*.

 Trusted Lynx Brand

 – Lifetime Guarantee

 – All Metal Connectors 

 – Lynx Pro Cable


We have been using all metal style connectors for years now and know that one place a cable can be vunerable to damage is the back of the connectors. The back boot part of the XLR and jacks are made from metal and rubber, meaning they wont crack/break!!


The Cable used is Lynx* Pro. It’s flexible and durable and able to withstand heavy use unlike many ‘budget cables’. More details can be found in below.

Lifetime guarantee

These cables all hold a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects. Cable must be returned to us for inspection and then repair or replacement. You wont be disappointed in the quality and value of these cables.

Cable Specification:

Lynx Cable

2 core spiral screened cable

Flexible, noiseless, oxygen free cable

2 x 28/0.1mm (0.22mm2)

Insulation: Twisted with cotton fibres surrounded with the tightly wrapped spiral screen

6mm OD

Jacket: Flexible PVC composite

Capacitance: Core to core pF/m 56 nominal

Connector Specification:

Female XLR plug to TRS Jack Plug (6.35mm)

High quality, All Metal.

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