Custom Lynx CAT6A etherCON to RJ45 Cable

  • NEW Custom Lynx Flexible Tourgrade CAT6A Cable (S/FTP – Braided Screen + Foil Twisted Pairs) – Full Spec Below
  • Neutrik EtherCON To Shielded RJ45 Plug – Grounded Both Ends
  • Genuine Neutrik NE8MX-1
  • Suitable for 10G Performance
  • Choice Of Coloured Boots/Rings (Both Ends) + Label Options
  • Optional Neutrik Protective Cover (Just EtherCON End)
  • Free Velcro Strap With Every Cable Ordered Over 2m



Shielded and Screened CAT6A cables. Constructed using NEW Custom Lynx Braided Screened Tourgrade Cable. Neutrik EtherCON (NE8MX-1) to RJ45 Plug.  Shielded RJ45 Plugs – Grounded Both Ends.

Choice of coloured ring options for the EtherCON and boots for the RJ45 plugs.

This cable is jet black in colour, with a nickel silver coloured shell connector on the EtherCON. Available in a range of different lengths to suit your individual requirements.

The NEW Category 6A stranded conductor cable provides 10G performance.

This cable is terminated “Straight Through” meaning mapping of connections pin to pin from 1 to 8 (1 to 1, 2 to 2 etc.)

All cables ordered under 1m will have a visible cable length to match. For example, a 25cm cable will have 25cm of visible cable plus connectors.

Cable Specification:

C6A SFTP Spec Sheet

Connector Specification:


Cable connector carrier consists of a nickel shell, chuck and boot. The boot (same as X-series) is suitable for cable diameters from 3.5 – 8 mm. For non pre-assembled cables only. Cable connector carrier does not include a RJ45 plug.

The etherCON cable connector carrier upgrades a conventional RJ45 connector to an extremely robust lockable solution.

ATTENTION: Does not intermate with the CAT6 chassis connectors NE8FDY-C6 and NE8FDY-C6-B.

(Click here for Full Connector Specification)

Shielded RJ45 Plug on the other end of the cable

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