Neutrik 3 Pin Female DMX Terminator

  • Terminates DMX512 Signal
  • Designed For Lighting/Effects Fixtures
  • ”DMX Terminator” Label
  • Withstands Frequency Connection/Disconnection
  • Prevents Common Signal Bouncing Issues

£6.13 (inc. VAT)


These are used on the last lighting fixture on the circuit to terminate the DMX512 data signal. They are housed in Neutrik XX series connector bodies with red glands, and are labelled ‘DMX terminator’ under a protective transparent ring.

The Neutrik 3-Pin DMX Terminator features a high-quality and durable construction which is capable of withstanding frequency connection and disconnection. The Neutrik DMX Terminator is designed to connect to the last fixture of a lighting chain and allows you to terminate the DMX512 signal. Terminating the DMX512 signal ensures lighting fixtures operate reliably and eliminates the intermittent issues which frequently occur in longer fixture chains over a single DMX universe.

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