PCE 16A 3-Pin Shark Black Socket – 230V IP44

  • 230V 16A Single Phase Socket
  • IP44 Protection Rating
  • Screw Terminals
  • Single Part Body
  • Cable Gland And Sealing
  • Strain Relief And Protection Against Kinking

£4.22 (inc. VAT)


Shark is designed to meet all application requirements at 100% – connecting one live cable with another in order to supply machines or electrical installations on construction sites of any size and in industrial plants with energy. It sounds so simple, yet in fact it’s a high-tech task in which almost all eventualities have to be considered. Strain relief, speed, ergonomics, safety, temperature fluctuations or weather influences are just some of the basic parameters which have been kept in mind. SHARK is a genuine Austrian high-quality product, from the granules to the smallest screw.

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