Van Damme 5 Pin Din MIDI Starquad Cable – Phantom Power

> > SKU: NYS322/VDM-SQ/NYS322
  • Van Damme Tour Grade Classic XKE Starquad Cable
  • 5 Pin Male to 5 Pin Male – Fully Wired – Carries Phantom Power
  • Rean Neutrik Connectors – NYS322
  • All Colours + Lengths Available
  • Lifetime Guarantee Against Manufacturing Defects



Van Damme 4 Core Screened Professional Midi Cables

Perfect to inter-connect keyboards, sequencers, computers, tone generators, drum machines, effects processors and many more pieces of equipment. These cables are fully wired for Phantom Power use.

Neutrik 5 Pin Din Midi – Male to Male (wired PIN 1 to 1/PIN 2 to 2/PIN 3 to 3/PIN 4 to 4/PIN 5 to 5 ). The connectors are Neutrik midi plugs, ensuring precision and quality. Van Damme Starquad cable is utilised.

Using the best components on the market these cables are built to last and withstand heavy use.

Each Cable Hand Built and Tested in the U.K
Each Cable Comes With a Lifetime Guarantee
Using Only the Best Components

Free Velcro Strap With Cables Ordered Over 2m

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