TESTUDO – what!?

Im very excited as i type this blog post – and as usual its a new cable that’s done it, how very, very sad i am!! In the hope im not the only one who enjoys professional quality cable i introduce…..TESTUDO.

TESTUDO is the new name for our professional quality microphone cable.

The word “TESTUDO” is from ancient Roman warfare, it was a type of shield wall formation commonly used during battles, particularly sieges. In the TESTUDO formation, the men would align their shields at the front with another shield on top slightly overlapping – a double shield if you will.

As our microphone cable has a double shield, this felt like a fitting name. The double shield in our cable is provided by a lapped oxygen free pure copper screen and then under that a black CPE layer. The double shield offers superb rejection of un-wanted noise – Radio Frequencies and Electromagnetic Interference etc.

So, whats changed?

  1. The outer jacket has a completely new Anti Kink blend. It is completely smooth, wraps and falls perfectly and doesn’t retain its shape when wrapped / un wrapped. The cable lies completely flat on the floor, without retaining any loops. The new outer jacket material means these cable can be used outdoors (obviously any connectors used outdoors must be IP65 rated)
  2. The conductors and screen have had more oxygen free pure copper strands put in them, ensuring faultless signal transfer and shielding
  3. The color range has been updated, listening to our customers calls for some “neon” colours – the orange, green and yellow have been hit with the glow sticks! The grey and brown have had colour changes also, to be more of a gun metal grey and copper.

The full specification sheet can be found here:

TESTUDO is ideal for recording studios, bands, live tours, events, hire companies, film and TV, the education sector and more.

I am constantly looking to improve the cable we supply, this feels like a big step in the right direction. I would happily put this up against any other microphone cable in the industry, and i am confident it would perform extremely well.