Custom Lynx DB25 To Stage/Wall Box. DSUB To Neutrik Multicore, 8 x Female XLR Chassis Sockets

  • DB25/DSUB to 8 x Stage/Wall Box (Loaded With 8 x Female XLR Chassis Sockets)
  • Custom Lynx Studio Quality Cable – Hugely Improved Specification (See Below) and Feel (Completely Smooth)
  • Genuine Neutrik Connectors and Diecast DB25 Shell
  • Analogue Use – Standard Tascam Wiring
  • Steel Box Can Be Free Standing Or Wall Mounted (Free Standing As Standard)
  • Box Is Clearly Numbered 1 To 8
  • Any Length Available
  • Connectors On The Box Can Be XLR / JACK / RCA / MIDI / 3.5mm JACK – Get In Touch If Required

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    Information about cable lengths can be found in our FAQ
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Custom Lynx Studio Quality DB25 (25 Pin D-SUB) Male to 8 x Neutrik Female XLR Loaded In A Steel Wall/Stage Box.

As a standard the box comes with feet and the cable coming out the side. We can offer these boxes to be wall mounted (they have key hole slots on the back) – with cable entry on the side or to come straight out the back (to go straight through a wall) – please leave a note or get in touch if this is required.

Multicore Specification:

Die Cast Shelled D-SUB Connectors.
Custom Lynx NEW & IMPROVED Studio Quality Pre Jacketed Multicore Cable
Genuine Neutrik Chassis Sockets NC3FDM3-L-1’s
Clearly Numbered On The Steel Box

Please note: The length of cable is measured from the box to the end of the DB25 connector.

Cables are wired standard Mackie/Tascam wiring and are for Analogue use.

Cable Specification:

PJP8W Spec Sheet

Connector Specification:

8 x Neutrik NC3FDM3-L-1 – 3 Pin Female XLR Chassis Sockets

1 x DB25 – Diecast Shell

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