Custom Lynx DI (Direct Injection) Box

  • High Impedance Input/Output – “Pass Through” With No Effect On Instrument’s Output Signal
  • Low Impedance Input/Output – Boosts The Output Signal
  • Two Step Attenuator For Matching Input/Output
  • Passive Device – No Need For Batteries Or External Power!
  • Standard 6.35mm (1/4″) jack & XLR Inputs/Outputs
  • Ideal For Recording Electric Guitar, Bass Or Keyboards
  • Instructions Included

£19.70 (inc. VAT)


Custom Lynx direct injection LDI-2 box. The Filter Direct Box is a great way to connect your musical instrument to your mixing board. It converts a high impedance signal to a low impedance signal. It also provides a ground lift switch for hum-free performance and an attenuator for compatibility with any console.
Features a second “pass through” with unaltered/unbalanced output for connection to an instrument amp, effects etc. Particularly handy for in stage and studio recording applications for routing instruments over balanced cables to improve signal quality and reduce noise over long cable distances. Robust steel chassis with lip to protect switches and sockets. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED

Connect the LDI-2 between the instrument and its amplifier, using two 6.35mm jacks. The balance low impedance output of the LDI-2 (XLR connector) should then be connected to the appropriate input of the mixer or recording device via a balanced shielded cable. The LDI-2 can also be used in reverse thanks to the quality of the internal transformer, i.e. with a low impedance balanced input (for example a microphone) and a high impedance unbalanced output (6.35mm jack).

DI Box Specification:
Frequency response (high to low impedance): 5-30,000Hz
Frequency response (low to high impedance): 30-20,000Hz
Attenuator: 0, -20, -40 dB
6.35mm (1/4″) jack connector: 50k ohm unbalanced
XLR connector: 600k ohm balanced or unbalanced
Ground lift: on/off switchable

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