Custom Lynx Neutrik 8 Way/Channel Multicore Drum System – Schill GT380 Drum

  • Custom Lynx NEW & IMPROVED MULTICORE – LENGTHS FROM 10m to 80m
  • Schill GT380 Drum
  • Genuine Neutrik Connectors
  • Custom Configurations Available – We Can Offer XLR, TRS/TS Jack, RCA Phono, MIDI, 3.5mm Jack
  • Custom Lengths Available
  • Clearly Numbered
  • Braided Fly Ends


Custom Lynx Professional 8 Channel Drum/Reel using CUSTOM LYNX NEW & IMPROVED MULTICORE Cable with all Neutrik Connectors. The Drum itself is made by Schill (GT380), it is extremely robust and ideal for “live use”. Both drum and fly connectors are clearly labelled for easy identification.

We have given some common specifications – but if you need anything custom please get in touch. We can also offer 3.5mm TRS / RCA Phono and MIDI.

Using the best components on the market, the looms come with:

Genuine Neutrik Nickel XLR Connectors
Custom Lynx NEW & IMPROVED Pre Jacketed Multicore Cable
Stereo/Balanced Loom
Numbers Under Clear Rings On The Body Of The XLR’s
Black Plyosil Braid Used To Protect Each Channel, Making For A More Rugged And Professional Loom

Cable Specification:

Drum Specification:

Schill GT310 – made with hard, solid plastic. Comes with a handle, rubber feet and a brake.

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