KMMK SquarePlug 6.35mm (1/4”) Angled Stereo Jack Plug – SP550-SBK

  • Cable O.D Range: up to 5mm
  • The Smallest Solder Type 1/4” Right Angle Connector Created To Date
  • Square Design Means You Can Fit Them Close Together
  • 28mm Long | 17mm Wide | 8.9mm Thick
  • Perfect for Pedal Boards or Rack Based Switching Systems

£4.85 (inc. VAT)


The SP550-SBK right angle TRS connector is unlike anything of its kind! Currently the lowest profile soldered TRS right angle connector on the market, the SP550-SBK features a thickness of only 8.9mm (0.350″). The connector is the same width and height as its counterpart (SP400) 17mm x 28mm.

The square connector allows it to be plugged adjacent to other square plug connectors, unlike the common “pancake” connectors within the industry. The SP550-SBK connector fits cables with an O.D. of up to 5.0mm.

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