KMMK SquarePlug 6.35mm (1/4”) TS/Mono Angled Pancake Jack Plug – SP500

  • KMMK Squareplug SP500 – Silver Shell
  • Right Angled – 6.35mm (1/4″) Jack
  • The Smallest Solder Type 1/4” Right Angle Connector Created To Date
  • Square Design Means You Can Fit Them Close Together
  • 28mm long | 17mm wide | 8.3mm thick
  • Fits cables up to 5.6mm OD
  • Perfect for Pedal Boards or Rack Based Switching Systems

£3.77 (inc. VAT)


KMMK SquarePlug SP500 is what we believe the 1/4” ‘pancake-type’ connector introduced by Switchcraft some 50 years ago under the designation 228, should look like in 2017. With today’s trend towards more compact, all-in-one integrated systems, a smaller and more functional version of the Switchcraft 228 was needed. KMMK took on the challenge of redesigning the S228 in every detail and came up with the smallest solder type 1/4” right angle connector created to date. SP500 is not only thinner than its counterparts, soldered and solderless alike, but is also narrower and shorter, which makes it the only soldered connector on the market to work with many switchers/controllers with close jack spacing.

It is 20% smaller than the Switchcraft 228 and projects by only 8.3mm which is much less than any currently available soldered and solder-less connectors. What makes SP500 stands out though, is its ability [thanks to a super compact design] to be patched into adjacent and closely spaced socket configurations [like the ones found on floor and rack based switching systems] where no other right angled soldered plug can. With SquarePlug you get the performance and reliability of a soldered connector with virtually the same footprint of a solderless one!

SquarePlug SP500, world’s smallest right angle soldered 6.35mm plug | 8.3mm [body thickness] x 17mm [body width] x 28mm [body length] | fits cables up to 5.6mm OD

This connector type is ideally suited for making patch cables using Van Damme Pro Grade Unbalanced Pro-Patch Cable.

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