Neutrik rearTWIST UHD BNC Plug – NBNC75BTUP11X

  • Cable O.D Range: up to 7.3mm
  • Optimized Contact Pin And Insulator Design For 4K And 8K Signals
  • “rearTWIST Principle” Locking/Unlocking
  • Excellent Cable Protection And Retention
  • Fully Compatible With Conventional BNC Chassis Connectors

£3.40 (inc. VAT)


The rearTWIST UHD BNC connectors are specifically designed for high resolution video signal transmissions. Due to the unique insulator and contact pin design, the connectors feature low return loss values for 4K and 8K signals.

Due to optimized insulator design and reduced crimp diameter from centre pin the Neutrik rearTWIST UHD BNC connector achieves increased headroom compared to conventional BNC connectors and offers additional return loss reserve for potential impedance deviations resulting from cable bending, incorrect connector assembly or faulty connection interfaces without signal interruption. In order to achieve optimum return loss values at high frequencies the crimp dimension of the contact pin has been reduced.

Suitable cables:
CommScope 5765, Gepco VSD2001, Suhner S05163-02, Suhner S05133-07, Percon VK77

UHD optimized cables:
Argosy Image 1000, Belden 1694A, Belden 1694ANH, Belden 1694DNH, Belden 70082, Belden 70082NH, Belden 70082CH, Bryant SD11, Bryant SD10F, Canare L-4.5CHWS, Canare L-4.5CHD, Clark Wire CD7506, Klotz V10/48, Klotz V10/48H

Crimp size:
Pin: 0.041 in square
Shield: 0.278 in hex

rearTWIST UHD features:

  • Optimized contact pin and insulator design for UHD-data transmissions
  • Proven rearTWIST technology
  • Swiss antraloy plating
  • Fully compatible with conventional BNC chassis connectors
  • Improved return loss values at high frequencies

Data Sheet – PDF
Assembly Instructions – PDF

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