Antex U8825F0 – 690D Digital Soldering Station – Temperature Controlled

The *NEW* 690D digital soldering station from Antex is a complete temperature controlled station for professional users.

Use 1100 series bits with this iron

£150.00 £130.00 (inc. VAT)


The Antex 690D, 50W Digital Soldering Station is fully compatible with the latest European EMC and CE regulations and is housed in a rugged metal case, suitable for the most demanding industrial and educational environments.

The TC50A soldering iron supplied with the 690D is fitted with heat resistant silicone cable and a 2.3mm bit.

  • 50W industrial grade soldering iron
  • Digital temperature control
  • Temperature continually adjustable from 200 to 450°C
  • Suitable for lead-free operation
  • Temperature sensor close to tip for fast feedback
  • Digital temperature calibration function
  • LED indicators for mains power and iron power
  • Replacement irons and soldering bits readily available
  • Set includes Power Supply / Controller, TC50A soldering iron and ST6A stand with bit cleaning sponge
  • Antex type 690D

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